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05-19-2006, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen
i believe that speilberg is involved in recreating the battle of iwo jima in the pacific in a movie. i think clint eastwood is also involved. it is based on the book "flags of our fathers" - which is an amazing book if your into that sort of thing. iwo jima is considered the toughest battle the us marines ever went through. im a wwII buff, and iwo jima has always been one of my favorite battles to learn about. seriously, read the book if you can - before the movie comes out. its written by the son of one of the six men who were famously captured in a photograph raising the flag on top of the mountain overlooking the island. it goes into great detail on the amazing fortifications the japanese created - something like a 8 story maze of catacombs that had a hospital, they could live there isolated for two years without anything. the movie should be awesome when its made.

i found a website about it, i guess its coming out this year.

i guess its just eastwood, not spielberg. shame.
Eastwood is a great director.
But where it gets really interesting is the following I got from this page just yesterday actualy ( )

"Flags of Our Fathers and Red Sun, Black Sand: two films directed by Clint Eastwood, one from the American perspective from the book by James Bradley and Ron Powers, and the other from the Japanese perspective. Both films are to be released simultaneously in the fall of 2006."

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