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Originally Posted by Jabroni1994 View Post
Louis Jean ‏@LouisJean_TVA
On the agenda for tomorrow : revenue sharing, make whole provision and player contracting.
Originally Posted by KreiMeARiver View Post

you guys are sheep... no offense, but you're the EXACT people Bettman knows will come crawling back; the people that need to change their underwear after every tweet by some random reporter nobody's ever heard of.

don't be a sucker. Just walk away.....

personally I don't care if the sport folds, at this point. I don't care about the players or owners, just as they obviously don't care about us.
LOL youre the only sucker here. In fact quite honestly you are the fair wearher fan these lockouts drive away. No one here is getting all worked up about a tweet or a meeting. We do, however, like to have hope because we love the game and this team. WE pour hours of our time into this team, money we earn to watch them, buy their merchandise. We love the rangers, we bleed blue. No one's getting ahead of themselves. Most were here for the last lockout. We know it could all be lost. But like last time we came back, and this organization came so far in a lot of ways. I'll personally always support them. I guess that makes me a "sucker" because I live and die by this sport. But, you, you can go be a basketball fan, we don't need suckers like you.

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