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Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
I'm not sure what kind of space you have but my drying rack works well if you had any interest in this method. I washed my gear once and then threw everything on the rack after every use and my gear was totally smell-free (not that it was just 'not bad'... no smell at all) for a month or so until I forgot and left my gear in the bag.

This is the first setup; i've since added a second fan. On medium fan speed my gear is bone dry in maybe 2 hours. On high speed it's more like an hour.

The rack itself cost me maybe $10 tops and the fans were $30 a piece. They're Lasko Model 3520 fans if you care to look them up specifically. Any fan that moves a lot of air would work fine. Just be sure to keep it off the ground so it can suck air from underneath.
We've got the same tv stand ftw!! On a serious note, I just keep my gear spread out on a big chair next to a corner window with a fan blowing on it for a few hours. Works well enough in my 500 sf apartment

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