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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
You are grossly underrating Forsberg. He was a complete player who was dominant in all three zones. Once again this is an example of revisionist history via stat analysis......really getting old on these boards.

I don't want to derail this thread, but I never once underrated Forsberg. He was a beast without question, but I wasn't the one to claim "if it wasn't for his injuries he could of been the greatest player to ever wear a jersey" or "he had the greatest hands ever". I don't feel like arguing semantics or the definition of "hands", but he wasn't even the greatest player on his team and he definitely didn't have the best hands on his team. He was a Bryan Trottier type player, he could do everything, but neither of those statements were true. He was my favorite player while he was in the league, I loved his grit, skill, playmaking, but greatest to ever wear a jersey is a huge overstatement. Not even close whether he was injury riddled or not.
Forsberg played around 700 regular season game. That's almost twice as less as Sakic. During that span he managed to keep up a career scoring pace over 100pts. He's done that in the ''modern day'' NHL until retiring in 2011. Just so you know, he has a higher scoring pace than Sakic and Jagr.
I don't want to get too much into this as the topic is Gally, but you obviously didn't follow Forsberg all that much if you don't even think he had the best hands on his team, that much is an insult to his skill.
Sakic was the undeniable leader of his team (and my favorite player of all time. His skating and release is something I always tried to mimic), but both healthy and in their prime, I pick Forsberg without hesitation.
It's tough for anybody to measure up to Mario. The fact Mario had to battle back issues right from game 1 in the NHL (and before) makes his accomplishments even more impressive.
But if Forsberg wasn't limited to 700 games with constant injury troubles, he would be considered as one of the best all times, no doubt about it. None.

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