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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
I'm not going to bash you for your comment, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so please dont take my comments as such.

I was one who felt Fanelli deserved the C. Was it because he got injured and returned? If you wanted to write a one line novel about why, then yes you could go ahead and say that.

In reality, the reason I felt (and I believe I speak for the majority of those who also felt he deserved the C) is not simply because he was injured and came back, it is because he has a never quit attitude. This is a young man that was on NHL radar, and had his dream stripped from his hands, nearly died before our very eyes on the ice. What did he do about that? He could have walked away from hockey, like his parents and doctors wanted, he could have used the woe me card, he could have blamed it all on Mike Liambas.

Instead you have at the time, a 16 year old kid who when faced with adversity, accepted his fate and fought. He didnt give up the dream he was chasing, not when he was down on the ice, and not for the year + recovery, which he was being told the entire time hockey was no longer an option. What else did he do? He started a foundation to promote the effects of head trauma, to help OTHERS who experience similar situations, to give back to the very hockey community that supported him through he fight.

He returned to hockey, knowing he didnt have a free pass and worked his way back into the line-up.

He possesses an experience and drive for the game of hockey which no other on this team possesses. He had his dream taken away, and he stood up and reclaimed it.

He is an excellent teammate by all accounts, an excellent community ambassador for the Kitchener Rangers, and I've never met a person with a bad thing to say of him. His teammates look up to him, and have shed tears with and for him.

He may not be the best player on the ice, but he certainly has the biggest heart. A captain in my eyes shouldnt be picked on skill, but on merit. If youre a 3rd pairing defender but you lead by example, teammates look up to you, you fight every shift you're on the ice, and have stared adversity in the eyes, then yes you're captain material.

Ben Fanelli was not considered because he simply got hurt and returned, he was considered because the of the fine qualities of a leader that he displays on a daily basis, over the past 3 years in a return to pursue the dream he shares with his teammates. He never gave up on his team.

I will not question Murphy's leadership abilities, I am not a member of the team, I do not see how he interacts in the room, the words he says on the bench. All I can see is his lacksidasical play on the ice, which as a fan, are less then inspiring. He is the offensive leader of this team. My worry is perhaps asking him to be the Captain in addition to this is too much for him.

ORYX, I stand by my post. We'll have to agree to disagree.

But as others have said on here, this was a very good post. Thanks for it.

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