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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Unsupported assumption that is waiting for an answer to the following question? Question follows a factual correction.

First your assertion that this was the case between 1935 to 1956 is factually wrong. 1951 Al Rollins who played more games than Turk Broda with the Leafs was awarded the Vezina yet neither made the AST.

Sawchuk and Rayner were the 1st and 2nd AST goalies.

Why should there not be such a connection between the GAA leader especially in a 6 - 8 team league over a 15 season period? Once the NHL had contracted to first 8, then 6 teams, the best goalies were retained, so anomalies like Worters on the Americans ceased to exist.

Older observers may have caught the 1951 anomaly that others since have not. Who is the actually observer who made the false Eureka discovery?

The 1935 to 1950 is left to explore. Given the facility provided by Google newspaper archives it should be easy to find a massive hue and cry of hockey writers fans from a specific year questioning the 1st team AST goalie selection. Is there any evidence of this?
Furthermore during the 1944 - 1950 period, except for 1948 the Vezina winner enjoyed a solid double figure GA advantage on the runner-up, so why would another goalie be expected to be the 1st AST.
This is the original post on the subject:

From 1935 to 1970, there is a very simple algorithm to determine the First Team All-Star goalie. Look at all the goalies who played in at least 75% of their team's games, rank them by goals against average, and take the guy at the top of the list. That's the First Team All-Star. That solution worked in 30 out of 36 seasons, all of them except for 1957, 1958, 1960, 1964, 1968 and 1969. Here are the goalies who were named First Team All-Star ahead of the high-minutes GAA leader in those seasons:

Al Rollins (who led the league in GAA) played only 40 of 70 games in 1951. I should have been more clear that 1st Team went to the goalie with the lowest GAA who played enough games. This was an age where starters played every game if healthy.

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