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11-08-2012, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Hab-a-maniac View Post
I'm inclined to a degree. A lot is made of guys who could play two-way really well and had good playoff stats and it has validity (it's why Ted Kennedy was a great player than, say, Frank Mahovlich) but while a better goal scorer than either Forsberg or Trottier, what sets Fedorov apart from those two in a negative way is that he could be a bit non-committal, non-physical and sulky when he felt he wasn't getting his ice time or the money from management. Didn't always stick to being a team player.
This is absolutely untrue. The "money" rep happened first after his holdout in 1997, which occurred because Fedorov was playing high-end hockey on a cheap, long-term deal. It wasn't until after Karmanos threw the whole $28m year into it that it became "Fedorov wants the money". His 2003 contract negotiations should be proof enough that he wasn't jut out to make a buck. Furthermore, the injuries he played through and his willingness to play any position on the ice at any given time speak very highly of him as a team player.

Docks him a few points in my books but while not a first ballot HOF'er to me (if he is, how wasn't Shanahan? Not the same two-way presence but equal point producer considering he played the tougher scoring position of the wing, more rugged and a better clutch goal scorer). Fedorov's game dipped post-lockout but it's ok since he was about 36 or 37 by then. Hard to believe he will be 44 next year.
Shanahan is definitely a tier below Fedorov. For one, had Fedorov continued his career GPG and APG until he reached Shanahan's GP (1524), he'd have finished with 590-850-1440. At that point, you're not making the argument of Shanahan (656-698-1354) being the same level player. Fedorov held the OT goal scoring record for what, 10 years? 15 years? Shanahan was not the more clutch scorer.

There is almost zero excuse if Fedorov does not go in next year. Chelios, Makarov and Niedermayer are the only conceivable choices to beat him. Makarov seems to be getting the Ciccarelli treatment, and Niedermayer really only had a couple of years where he was better than "really good" while Fedorov was a dominant center who only had a couple of years where he was "really really dominant".

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