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11-08-2012, 01:28 AM
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Just throwing in my two cents.

Edmonton has a solid offensive foundation similar to that of Philly(only philly is obviously way further in development.)

Edmonton is young, meaning rookie mistakes and alot of prospects, which means playoff chances are slim for probably another year or two.

top line of Hall-RNH-Eberle is great, mix of size and skill.

everything else needs work, Yakupov is great in the skill department, but he is not defensively that great, is quite small along with the rest of the lineup for the most part.

a lineup of say Hemsky-Gagner(5'11)-Yakupov(5'10) is a defensive nightmare and would get killed by a bigger lineup.

Not to mention bottom 6 depth but that is quite easy to attain, definitely need more size throughout.

Then comes the defense. You got schultz, who is a solid complementary top 4 d-man. I'd even give him potential to be that great #2 D-man. But he is no #1, you definitely need that hybrid #1(Weber, Suter, Phaneuf, Doughty, Pronger etc. types) that can hit and score. More defense is definitely needed throughout.

Goaltending is also an obvious toss-up, but due to the youth of the team, it can wait.

so needs are:

-#2 C with actual size or at least more skill.
-More size/toughness in the top 6, i.e a 2nd line power-forward type.
-A #1 D-man.
- Another top 4 d-man
-Potentially goaltending.

I would say Edmonton is a ways away from competing for a playoff spot right now, however you add say 2 top 4 d-men without anything else and I'd say you'd start competing for one.

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