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11-08-2012, 02:57 AM
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Originally Posted by opendoor View Post
It doesn't give them leverage; it just gives them another option, though I doubt they'd ever do that.

For Luongo, he'd absolutely kill for the Canucks to buy him out. He'd get about $30 million from the buyout that wouldn't be subject to escrow and/or future rollbacks and then he could sign wherever he felt like and collect 2 paychecks. He'd just have to earn $15 million over the remainder of his career to make back what he lost from the buyout. In all likelihood he'd come out millions ahead and he'd get to pick his destination.
I can't imagine that someone doesn't want Lu. I'm far from his biggest fan but he's very good to great and a lot better than what a lot of these teams are carting out.

I don't think we buy anyone out but maybe we take someone as part of the trade with an eye on spending Aquilini's money to get a little more value out of it?

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