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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
its about mileage and J Schultz himself agrees, as proven by his TSN interview. However i would rather J Schultz go as full out on his shifts as he believes he can, rather than holding back, and cut down on his responisbilities rather than give him numerous responsibilities and have him try to self-manage effort to the point he isnt the player he is.

from Justin Schultz own mouth in a new interview on TSN just entered an hour ago.

Its just hockey intelligence. A healthy roster should show people that specialize. If injuries happen and players have to multi-task than so be it. A GM's job is to first determine if they are going to be winners or jokes, if its winners have your team built as one.

If we are going to win, J Schultz will not have to worry about PK or shutdown draws. He will be used to the optimum of his skill and be put in a position where he can go full out over 100 games and not feel risk of burning out.

Thats team building and team management. I know in edmonton we arent used to seeing a full team of guys who can actually specialize in anything but sucking but here we have the talent now. No longer do we have just 3 or 4 guys that can perform their roles at a top level. I would say we are 1 Boychuk away from a very balanced attack and defence.

If we want to succeed we need 3 strong pairings with everyone knowing what they clearly bring to the coaches arsenal. In the same way that J Schultz isnt bad at PK, Boychuk isnt bad with his booming shot on the PP. Its about giving guys their roles, managing ice time, and keeping players the most effective and highest probability of their and our success for every MILLI-SECOND they re on the ice.

And yes i think most hockey players will agree and dodctors, trainer and coaches would all agree that over taxing a talented athlete is something one would not do for obvious reasons including injury.

BTW i think the line-up i had was pretty FN BAD A**. Boychuk isnt the homerun, he isnt an allstar, he is simply the player that fills the most obvious need. his skills are specific to what is lacking and making our goaltending look shoddy, making our forwards have to stay hemmed in defensive posture too long. he can play more minutes if needed, he can pp, he can make solid outlets. Those bonuses dont matter until injuries happen. when healthy he is a 20 minute guy to be used when his specific skills are most called for. This is how real teams are run and made. The randy Greggs, the charlie Huddys, Craig Munis. There is no need to grab some high priced Dman. Boychuk has one a cup and i watch a tonne of B's games and i know he can bring a 25-28 minute all roles game. i just want him for 18-20 solid shutdown minutes, punishing teams, moving pucks out fast, and letting our forwards put on less miles in the d zone.
I would be fine with adding a Boychuk, however is he available? As for your other points re: Schultz on the PK, I fail to see how 2-3 PK shifts a game will get him hurt, I'm looking at playing him mostly on the PP and at ES like you are, but I don't see anyone advocating playing him 30 minutes a night and wearing him down to that extent. I fully understand players having specific roles and I agree with your ideology there, my main point is that IMO you are overreacting a bit to the effect 2-3 PK shifts a game might have on him. He will inevitably play some there because of injuries or penalties, it won't be the end of the world. However if he's our top PK defenseman then we have a problem in more ways that one. Also I'm not a fan of your 3rd line above, if Hall move to C then Gagner should be dealt and we should be playing someone with more size on that line.

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