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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Haha. I can't possibly become MORE embarrassed. The I hit 100% embarrassed YEARS ago. You can't be 110% embarrassed. Just not possible. Haha.

I really would love a link. Even if by PM. I LOVE this old threads.

There was a time in my life that I swore Bobby Smith had ruined the Phoenix Coyotes for all eternity by trading Brad Isbister for Robert Reichel.
I was trying to find some of my own posts on Yandle, but I didn't find many in the quick search I did. I know one of my friends and I still remember the conversations we had about how bad Yandle looked. Considering you were the "apologist", it gives a pretty good idea on how we were all feeling about him early: "Lot of potential, but ..."

Isbister for Reichel was still pretty bad, even if Izzy did breakdown with injuries. I'll one up you by saying that I was upset they traded Izzy and not Doan. I was convinced Isbister was the better and more fiery player. Fortunately I can retreat behind Isbister's injury problems and retirement and that before the injuries the stat lines look very similar!

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