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11-08-2012, 04:26 AM
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The room I'm renting for $400 while I shop for an apartment has two rooms in the upstairs areas. It's stealthily designed to be rented because there's a separate entrance to the second floor and the entrance leads directly into the second floor hallway of the building. The thing is, because it's not completely designed to be rented, the doors to the rooms don't have lock and key doors. It's just 2 rooms you'd find on the second floor of any single homes in the suburbs. Having that said, if the landlords want to rent out the second room (a right they reserved by giving me a $50 discount from $450 to $400), I am going to have to request for 2 lock and key doors (there are two entrances into my room: bathroom and hallway). Now I'm trying to find a way to prevent lock picking or setting up surveillance cameras to record any possible thefts

These landlords are super paranoid themselves so they definitely won't rent to just anyone. The reality is that if I can slip through, then some other nice impressionable guy going to school can also slip through To the guys on here that know me, I like to play the mastermind/cult leader personality and it's a double edged sword I'm thinking about all possibilities and preparing for it: legal evidence, proceedings and all forms of possible retaliation including a grander theft, damages to his property as well as inflicting harm and sweeping for recording devices before I do anything illegal

For all I know, this guy could be my new best friend
jk, I don't like people.

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