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11-08-2012, 06:09 AM
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Originally Posted by JetsAlternate View Post
I am beginning to question whether Nail is putting any effort into his performances during this tournament. I've been keeping up with the KHL highlights and have seen how incredible his skating, puck control, and shot can be. Every time I've watched him on the international stage, however, he seems to fumble the puck often, pass much too often, and float very weak shots at the opposing goaltender.

I really hope the Nail we see here isn't the Nail we see in the NHL, as he does not appear to dominate against his junior league peers as one would have expected. I'd like to see more aggressive Yakupov who can carry the puck coast-to-coast and generate chances on a consistent basis. I want a Yakupov who can accelerate past players and make moves at top speed. He seems to have the tools, but he has looked fairly disinterested and passive nearly every time I have watched him play for Team Russia. Comparing the highlights from his KHL games and his performances here, they seem to show two completely different players.

This isn't the real Nail Yakupov, is it?
I think the size of ice makes a big difference. The apples coming his way from Schultz will help. And having the other team having to worry about Hall, Hemsky, etc. on the ice at the same time will help too.

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