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Originally Posted by NHL Fanatic View Post
Suspension was warranted for that hit, but the OHL suspensions are a joke overall. Might as well take out hitting because one wrong move and you're gone for a minimum of 10 games plus.

For example: Tim Bozon spits in the face of Keegan Lowe in the WHL and he gets one game. That's disgusting and how is it possible that he gets only ONE game.

Stefan Matteau performs a brutal hit from behind during a QMJHL game, and he only got a 1 game suspension. His team even added a game to it because they don't condone that type of play.
David Branch isnt the commishioner of the QMJHL.

Personally, IMO, if a player makes incidental contact to the head, it happens, and hits in those cases shouldnt receive long drawn out suspensions.

This particular hit it was blatantly obvious watching the disciplinary video that he put his right forearm/elbow into the players head, and jumped some 6 inches off the ice to do so.

There is no place for those types of hits, and that is the message being sent. You will sit for some time if you break these very simple rules. Had he not jumped, he's probably looking at just a head checking minor considering the player did not get hurt.

Its basic hitting etiquette. You leave your damn skates on the ice or your intention is very clear.

On another note, has any new information come to light from the Nick Cousins hearing that was on Monday?

Looking forward to hosting a hungry Soo team on friday!

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