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11-08-2012, 08:10 AM
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All this talk about Thayer Doyle and his horrible game on Saturday night made me think about a game the Tommies had played against SMU 3 years ago. Josh Hurley called that game. It was horrible, it was the biggest cluster ****** I have ever seen. Fans at the LBR packed the end of the ice where the referees came off the ice and I think a few of them spit on Hurley. They certainly yelled a few choice words that is for sure.

Here is the write up I did at the time. You will notice that in my write up I didn't rant about Hurley. Oh, how I wanted to. I remember being so mad...I can hardly write on a good day, that night I was completely lost.

Another note, check out the comments at the bottom. A few STU fans are complaining then a Squirrel pops in with their fan bomb and changes the whole dynamic. We complain then get blamed for bringing up UNB,...... you f**kers. That happened so often. I love you guys though. ha ha

You guys will enjoy it, it is comical. I wonder what you Squirrels think about it now? Do the comments seem funny to you?

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