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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I don't pick sides prior to the election like some. I don't really understand where it comes from. People are hell-bent on calling out others. Was the stat 80% of minorities voted for Obama? That's the difference right there in the election, my friend. How easy is it to see?

Ultimately, you cannot deny how many people do freeload. Take politics/side/etc. out of the equation and let's just discuss freeloading to maintain a safe discussion instead of having to move for politics. How can you look at those charts cassius posted and not at least question a littlllllllllle bit about who wants handouts and what not?

But.. we (I'm to blame as i referenced politics) can't have a hostile political debate here. That's for PMs or the political board.
I'm not sure what those charts have to do with "freeloading". The first chart of Male participation in the workforce may be explained by women entering the workforce as the "bread winners" in many instances. Additionally, as mentioned, the trend coincides with the aging population and many workers retiring. There is no doubt that recessions have caused decreases as well and many were just not able to recover from that. "Freeloading" may be a problem in this country, but not to the extent that you are alluding to IMO.

The unemployment rate chart just shows the ebbs and flows of recessionary cycles. There's is absolutely no indication from that chart that "freeloading" has anything to do with unemployment rate.

And finally, the last chart shows just how difficult this recession has been. MOST people that are still unemployed are so because they truly cannot find meaningful work. Now you could argue that people that had higher paying career jobs aren't willing to take the minimum wage or lower paying jobs and are "freeloading" by sticking with unemployment and other government benefits. That may be true, but can you blame them? If you have kids to feed and a family to support and your options are taking unemployment which covers a fair amount of your previous pay or flipping burgers, which would you choose?

I do agree that some people take advantage of the system and unfortunately that can turn into generations of families on government assistance. But I also believe in a society that cares and provides a safety net for those that are struggling. The caveat with that is I think we need to focus more on welfare to work programs, job re-training, career tools, etc than simply paying people not to work. I know there are limits to how long one can receive welfare and there may be work requirements (I believe it varies by state), but they don't seem to be regulated properly.

Also, I think they need to re-visit the amount of money one receives on food stamps and the terms and conditions to receive them. My wife's family had food stamps for a time when their family was struggling and she said they had much more money for food than they needed. After they were off food stamps, they struggled to have enough money to eat well. Point being, there is a gap between those on government assistance and the lower middle class that are scraping by. There need to be tweaks to these systems, but I truly do not believe the majority of people on government assistance are "freeloading".

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