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11-08-2012, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
Criticize the expense all you like, but America has the best healthcare in the world.

I'm actually significantly surprised you believe this.
If you're rich and have health insurance, sure. If not, then you're ****ed. Ask any doctor, if they're being honest they'll tell you the healthcare system is broken.

And I was mostly joking there, but when Mitch McConnell says that the GOP Congress's main goal is to make Obama a one term president, you have John Boehner refusing any compromise on budgets because of Tea Party pressure, and you have various Republican Senators threatening a record number of filibusters (the nuclear option, you'll remember) over mundane bills that don't require such a disproportionate response, you start to wonder if that really is what they are thinking.

What else is that, other than pure obstructionism and attempting to hold the government hostage due to partisan ideology coming before the good of the country? Mitt Romney even made it a subtle threat during his campaigning, saying that if he loses, the House Republicans will not cooperate with the President and it will wreck the economy. Democrats are certainly not innocent of partisanship, but I have honestly never seen this kind of obstructionism seemingly for the sake of obstructionism from the opposition party.

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