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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
You say that you want to debate more respectfully, and I consider giving you the benefit of the doubt, and then you write myopic posts like this one.

You, clearly, have not read any detailed analysis as to why the team would finish poorly this year if there was a this year, OK, fine, none of us have read all of the millions of posts on HFboards --- However --- don't you think it might make more sense to ask for a link to this analysis, given that another poster told you it is out there, then to simply assume that poster is a liar and say that no such analysis has been written?
I do want more respectful debate. I didn't try to post anything insulting, I simply stated that the "analysis" out there is mostly based on our one bad season and the assumption that it will be repeated without any actual understanding, or at least recognition, of the other factors involved beyond our actual position in the standings.

You might want to notice that I gave some extensive, if quick, explanations about why we were 3rd worst last season. None of what I stated is refutable. The only thing I did "wrong" was dismiss the idea that there is a lot of analysis out there detailing why we will be a lottery team last year. That is now considered insulting, after the potshots I have absorbed? Please.

I do not read every post on HFBoards. I don't even read close to 20%, I am certain. However, from all of the ones I have read where people trash the Habs' chances of success, the majority blindly use last year as an example without actually recognizing all of the factors that contributed to our poor showing. Keep in mind, it is up to the person on the other side of the debate to provide whatever support he wants for his/her portion of the debate, it is not up to me to go looking for it. I provide support for my position, as I did in the post you quoted, and I can provide further support if I am given an opportunity to continue the discussion. Feel free to offer whatever arguments you wish for your view, and I will happily do my best to refute them.

Ultimately, though, let's be clear: neither of us can predict the future. We are both giving opinions using numbers to try and justify/support our "gut" feelings.

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