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Originally Posted by MajorPain View Post
As of now, who would you rather have on your team?

Kovalchuk has been very consistant over the years, averaging 80-90 pts and 45 goals per season.

Ovechkin has reached higher point totals in the past, having 4 seasons in the 100-110 points and hitting the 50 goal plateau 4 times...allthough he seemed to struggle those past 2 seasons and some even believe he is not gonna climb back to 100+ point production. You also have to take in consideration that Ovechkin is surrounded by a better crew offensively speaking.

I'm asking this question because I currently have a real hard time deciding who between the 2 I would pick.
Kovalchuk has averaged in his career 0.52 G/G and 0.48 A/G = 1 P/G

Ovechkin has averaged 0.61 G/G and 0.61 A/G = 1.22 P/G

The ONLY year when Kovalchuk has outproduced Ovechkin was last season.

Kovy has played 11 seasons in the NHL in which he has produced PPG+ pace in 6 times. Just about every second season.

Ovechkin has played 7 seasons in the NHL in which he has produced 6 consecutive PPG+ seasons, including 4x100+ points.

Kovy was not a any more well rounded than Ovechkin in his years prior to last one. Which was the only year he was better than Ovechkin since they have played in the league at the same time. If you give credit to Kovalchuk about being consistent then you at least have to do the same to Ovechkin.

But this is a valid question, since Ovechkin has so many question marks. If he somehow manages to bounce back in the 50 goal 90+ point territory i would take him but if this is in fact Ovechkin declining, as it seems, i would probably go with Kovalchuk. He seems to have found his game last year and considering that he keeps up that kind of play for the next 3-5 years he is one of the most valuable players.

Kovy will never be as good as Ovechkin can be, but i don't really know if Ovechkin will be as good as he can be either.

Being a OV fanboy i will still pick him, but next time they play in the NHL together i need Ovechkin to actually come back to life. One more season and after that i give up on him. I already waited for two.

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