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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
Grigorenko from Zlobin for the first goal of the game. Someone tell me how the hell we didn't wind up with both of these studs ? I like Reinhart but Grigirenko is gonna be a stud. And I'd take Zlobin over Ledoufus and Somerby any day of the week.
To be honest, I kind of think that when it comes to the Russkies, our staff isn't very enthusiastic about grabbing them unless they fall into the category of 'Once considered 1st round talent who has dropped into round 3 or further solely for "extracurricular" reasons'.

I can fully understand not having wanted to take Grigorenko top 5, but I too really was scratching my head about Zlobin.

Especially considering that he was Kabanov's teammate. Unless of course the scouting staff talked with Kabanov and Kirill had some bad things to say about him??? Who knows? And would it have even mattered?

Anyhow, yes, it would have seemed a bit logical to take a shot on the guy, especially when he was there to be had in rounds 6 and 7.

On the other hand, we're gonna have to see if the staff knew what it was doing with its pics in rounds 4-7. Leduc does have a physical package that makes you wonder if they didn't see something in him that could first really start to show itself in 2-3 years. Big, gangly men can be like that when it comes to development. As for the high schoolers, we don't really know a thing about them. For all we know, one could end up being the next Justin Schultz. Taking a shot at Graham (who's not exactly lightin' it up with points or +/-) where we did could give us the next Spurgeon, Kichton or Dehart?

This said, alone with respect to the all-Dman course of draft action, I know of a few specific forwards I'd much rather have seen be taken and Zlobin is one of them. A few others I had targeted as late rounders who went in rounds 5-7 include 7th rounder Matt Deblouw (nice start at Michigan State), 6th rounder Max Gortz (doing very well in the SEL), 6th rounder Riley Barber (liked what I saw at U-18, off to great start for U of Miami), 5th rounder Thomas Spelling (underrated overage Dane now in SEL, currently injured), 5th rounder Daniel O'Regan (another Team USA U-18er off to great start at BU), 5th rounder Brandon Troock (big-bodied WHLer with upside) and 5th rounder Charles Hudon (smaller offensive whiz in QMJHL who has played in several tournies for Team Canada). But I digress...

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