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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
The fans in Hamilton already give money to the NHL, they buy merchandise, go to games, add to national and local TV numbers. The big money is in all the sports fans in the US that don't know what hockey is. Even a small piece of that US pie is huge money. If the NHL could find people to run these teams well, they'd make some headway and eventually lots of money for everyone.
Based on past experience, I am not convinced that these presumed fans just waiting to take up the torch for the game in the US actually exist, and if they exist I suspect that they are not nearly as numerous as some purport. I think it fantastically unlikely that the NHL will ever surpass the NBA (or MLB) in terms of popularity in the US.
Chasing this mirage is largely what got us into this mess ( the idea that you can easily manufacture a new market based on snowbirds and the appeal of a "major league" team in regions with zero historical relationship to the game).

My point was to counter the argument that it is in the habs and leafs best interest for Columbus to succeed because if all of the have not teams dissappeared then we would be back to the original six plus some and that would be bad for the have teams. As long as the habs have someone to play ( be it columbus or hamilton or seattle) I can see that the have teams would prefer to play teams that they would not have to perpetually prop up with RS dollars.

I really would love it if the non traditional markets could rebound and get their houses in order but I dont think that EVERY non traditional market could do this irrespective if they are well run or not.

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