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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
Here's a Vancouver Sun *snicker* article from three days ago weighing the arguments for Bighill and Sherritt.

Man, it's not likely to happen but it would be sooooooo friggin sweet to go to the Grey Cup and beat these guys. Their level of arrogance is starting to rival the Canucks.
Lacking stats for actual playing time for each player, I did a quick approximation (using the opponent's Average Time of possession * 18 games). Dividing tackles by that and both Sherritt and Bighill average the same 0.23 tackles per minute of playing time. So they were both tackling machines, both had a handfull of interceptions, and Bighill had an amazing 9 sacks.
Of course Sherritt missed some time with injury, so his actual stat would be better if we had the right data. Plus I think Bighill benefits from a better defense to pressure the QB, and a better supporting offense to keep his group fresh.

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