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11-08-2012, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Supermullet View Post
I don't doubt that he's a great character, but it feels like he's being set up as someone who might have a little too much trust in his soldiers. He'll get his turn this season, but I'll bet Merle offs him at the end and plans the extermination of our heroes in Season 4.

Keep in mind that someone has already spied on Rick's crew this season, and there are no plans in the Gov's camp to attack them. I think the spy was Merle as well.

I don't think the writers have the chops to create a Gus Fring type of character. Dialogue is not their strong suit. They don't know the meaning of "less is more".
Don't underestimate the Governor. Kirkman even wrote a separate novel about him called: Rise of the Governor.

You haven't seen the worst of him yet.

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