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11-08-2012, 09:39 AM
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I do think that's what get's lost in the whole thing. Using government assistance isn't glamorous. You really aren't making that much, and it's no way to live. With that being said, too many people are on it as a career track, and have no desire to contribute to the economy. That's both their fault but government's fault also. The amount of unskilled labor to be done in this country has dipped dramatically. Those jobs need to be brought back for those who don't want to go to college, or those who just simply don't have the mental aptitude to do anything more. No shame in saying not everyone is smart enough to do specialized jobs. Those manufacturing jobs need to be brought back, but at the same time, those jobs come with unions, and unions need to be held in check.

I look at my job. What I do is a specialized craft, and you do need a certain amount of mental aptitude to do it. I am on the same pay scale as those who just merely sort and move packages. It's about as unskilled as it gets, but they can get upwards of 27 dollars an hour doing that job, and it's just too much for that level of labor. That's the big problem I have with unions. The second is that unions protect those with seniority and breed laziness, which creates sort of a social conflict within the organization because those with less seniority will always be held down regardless of what they do. I do a bunch of guy's jobs that have 25+ years in the company, and that'd be fine, but nothing is going to change due to the fact that they can now coast. I'm never going to be able to be more than I am until they retire. What incentive do they have to retire? They don't have one is the answer, so those below them will constantly be held down.

I don't think people have differing opinions on this issue whatsoever, but where the rub comes in is how people convey their thoughts on it. What the issue is, is should people who are able to work be forced to? I think almost everyone will say yes. Those who want to abolish all entitlements need to realize the economic ramifications it will have if you all of a sudden start kicking people off of welfare. Welfare shouldn't be abolished but drastically reformed where it's much more hands on and works hard to place those who are on it in jobs that they can stick with.

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