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11-08-2012, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by InfinityIggy View Post
Uh pretty sure you did not watch him play much from this assessment. Most of his injury issues were during the tail end of his career when his back gave out. He was normally a healthy player for most of his career.
Uh, you sure you did? His back injuries plagued him for most of his career - the pain just became unbearable near the end, forcing his retirement. The pain that he was in was quite obvious in some games - for someone who implies to have watched him play you seem to conveniently ignore the fact that he completely shied away from the physical aspect of the game as a result of these injury problems.

Also how does McInnis and Suter being better make Reinhart worse? That's such a flawed argument.
I didn't say that they made him worse, please don't put words into my mouth. I said the emergence of Suter & MacInnis relegated Reinhart to a secondary role with the team - because they were better.

Calling him a decent PMD is also completely inaccurate. He was regularly above the 50 point mark as a defender, something only a handful of defenders did each year even in that era while playing twice the defensive game Housley did. Your argument as to why that makes Housley better is non existent. Housley had literally no defensive game. Purely a point getter much like Wideman, and in his time in Calgary his averages were worse than Reinhart. The fact anyone can have Housley over Reinhart is just hard to fathom.
Funny how you bring up points not being an issue, right after you use that as your claim that Reinhart was so much better than... anyone. If you thought by bringing in Housely the Flames were getting a Norris defenseman, that's on you. However, his offensive vision & hockey IQ was unmatched - possibly by any defenseman to ever play in Calgary, and yeah he was a sieve defensively but IMO he made up for it by his offensive contributions.

Look, I'm not saying Reinhart was a terrible player - and if that was the impression you get, that's not my intent. What I'm saying is that Reinhart could have been quite good had he not had injury troubles. That's kept him at "decent" in my mind. If he didn't have those problems, he most likely would have been a perennial all-star, but he did. Maybe it's my disappointment that he didn't evolve into that player which has tainted my view of him, I'll admit that. As a result of what he didn't contribute (just as much as what he did) I measure his impact to the team as less than Housley's impact.

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