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11-08-2012, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Dee Oh Cee View Post
did you watch this past sunday's episode? This season has been 100 times better than the snooze that last season was....and sunday's was one of the most gut wrenching/emotional episodes of a television show that I've ever seen.
Yes, last night. They have been drawing things out way too long and it lost it's emotional impact on me. The characters are just flat and one-dimensional. At least in the second season they had some depth to them...for all intents and purposes the living characters are zombies. They just drift from scene to scene.

Like Rick for instance...he spent all of the second season battling with the shaved head guy, and then he just becomes him? And when the *****y mom dies last night, she tells the KID to be good? Isn't that what Rick needs? So there's this rift between Rick and the wife that could have been interesting, and they just let it die (literally).

Or the tension between the men when they locked the prisoners out of the gate...there could have been a mutiny that challenged Rick's authority, but everyone just kind of got in line and then the black guy died.

The show's just getting way too cute for me. It's got to foreshadow the living crap out of every little thing and then just keep reminding you about it, like you're an idiot.

Somehow they stretched five episodes worth of content to about ten in the second season and it was still fairly interesting, but now they are doing the same thing with more blood and guts and it's boring.

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