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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
The Hall just inducted Ciccarelli (spent a night in jail for an on-ice incident), Gilmour (caught up in accusations of sex with a minor) and Belfour (spent his final years as a drunken, sloppy mess). Black marks don't seem to keep guys out.

Also, Fleury's substance issues are clearly tied to the Graham James sex abuse scandal, which was front and center in the hockey world for a time. He has owned his choices and become an advocate for sex abuse victims -- look at his Twitter feed this week, all he does anymore is work to put a face on the issue -- as well as Native communities. Of the players listed above, Fluery has actually written an epilogue to his mistakes, showing us a guy who turned it around in time to do a lot of good for the game.

Unfortunately, all that doesn't mean he gets credit for the years of his career that were frittered away. His overall resume is a little weak for my taste, especially after his early 20s. But of the group of "maybe" players we're discussing, he's pretty close to the top, so it's not inconceivable he could get in someday.

What would be REALLY interesting is if he stays on the right track as a reformer of child safety and starts getting consideration as a builder...
None of the guys you mentioned had near the level of notoriety as Fleury. He was kicked out of the league for crying out loud. He won't make it.

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