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11-08-2012, 11:46 AM
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Not a surprise Rhodes fired Tillman. He was never his guy. Rick LeLacheur is the biggest culprit in all this mess. Hugh Campbell ran the team till 2006, then RLL took over. He immediately handed over the complete reins to Danny Maciocia, giving him the keys to the org. We all know how that went, as the team quickly descended and became the laughing stock of the league. RLL was upset he had to fire DM, blaming the fans for making it unbearable for DM to work here, and reluctantly, let him go. He was the one who quickly hired Tillman. TBH, I didn't mind the Tillman hiring at the time, given his past CFL track record, but then, I never had the luxury of being behind the scenes and seeing how he worked. Obviously, it was yet another huge mistake by RLL.

I'm not saying Rhodes will absolutely be the guy we want in the future running this team. Maybe he is a complete dufus. He looked very uncomfortable and clumsy in his interview, but some people don't show well in front of the media. Doesn't mean they're dumb or incompetent. He may very well be incompetent, but I'm not going to take that from interviews.

Most wanted Tillman to be canned, after some highly questionable moves, and Rhodes had the nads to do it, so I'll give him props for that. If he can take his time and make the right hire for our football ops, then obviously we need to let that happen and see where it goes.

Letting 14 starting players go to free agency this late in the season is ridiculous and highly questionable of Tillman's motives going forward. If he signs with Argos as their next GM and even one of those guys goes there, the CFL dammed well better have an investigation. But, we all know how the league acts when penalties need to be invoked. All you have to do is look at the pacifist way they handled Khalif Mitchell to know they'll likely give a half-hearted effort in any action.

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