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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its not at all absurd. Sherritts stat is very much an artifact of the injuries on this club, lack of starting middle linebacker talent, and a team that was weak defensively this year (should've been strong)

When you look at the Leos Bighill ends up with less tackles because theres so many defenders on that unit that plant guys on the turf. Just a dominant unit. Which doesn't detract at all from the notion that Bighill is a heat seeking missile that rarely gets beat on a play. Sherrit will make the wrong read and allow a long gainer by somebody he should have covered many more times than Bighill would.

If we had a more dominant D line alone Sheritt wouldn't be first man in on many plays. This being the situation Bighill experiences in BC. The play is shutdown instantly by the line. BC simply allows far less backfield scampers. A team dominant against the run with a strong D line affords a linebacker less opportunity to be the first one in. Its pretty simple and the Lions are correct.
********** for saying it maybe, but correct.

I totally agree with this. Sherritt is a real good player, but he made a lot of tackles that should have been made much earlier by guys in the trenches, or even other linebackers. He is not a big man, and I'm hoping he doesn't get worn down and beat up every year playing a physical position against much larger players.

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