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11-08-2012, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by MoneyGuy View Post
That rumour is stupid. There is little chance of Tillman ending up there. Tillman and Jim Barker, the current GM, are friends. Anyone who thinks that Tillman would trade a player there on the chance that he'd also go there one day is wildly delusional. I believe Terry Jones started it, and he's really stretching with that one.

However, there are only eight CFL teams (soon to be nine). if Barker quit or was fired, I suppose Tillman COULD end up there, but to suggest that he foresaw the events that would have to occur first and positioned the trade as prudent because of Ray's age and then thinking he'd like to have the guy when he's a year or two OLDER is crazy.

Think about it. It makes no sense.

The rumours are hot and heavy in the GTA media that Barker will be gone after this year. If that happens, it will really be interesting as to where this goes.

BTW, now that Tillman is gone, are your connections with the team stiffled or do you have a new guy in place?

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