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Originally Posted by Twi2teD View Post
No way from me. Not yet at least. I don't see that special hockey sense those other two have. I'm not sold on him even going 1st overall this year. From what I've seen, he'll be a dynamic goal scorer, but I can't say that I see him as an elite franchise conerstone. He's got a lot of time to prove me wrong though..

Connor Mcdavid is a SPECIAL player, Mack has nothing on him IMO.
Different strokes for different folks, I'm not going to try to sell you on him. Whether he's a slam dunk 1st overall is somewhat beside the point, if you're hesitant to compare him to the likes of Tavares. Don't forget that it was neck-and-neck between Tavares and Hedman leading up to draft day. I think MacKinnon and Jones have a very comparable thing going. If MacKinnon doesn't go first overall, it's only because Jones is just that good.

However, their certainly isn't a forward in this draft I would think about taking before MacKinnon.

Originally Posted by Jabba11 View Post
By the way, I will be posting my new and 1st mock draft of the 2013 NHL Draft this upcoming weekend. With articles on several prospects!
Looking forward to it

I'm wondering when I should make my attempt at a first-round ranking for 2013. I think I'm going to aim for December...still haven't seen enough of everyone to feel confident in a ranking yet.

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