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Originally Posted by Urban Explorer View Post

lol @ markham. You realize that it is the 2nd smallest GTA area only slightly bigger than durham and is mostly filled with asian immigrants who don't give two craps about hockey. Not to mention it's not ever accessible via highway.

Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton are all way better choices. Seriously I've lived in Toronto for 32 years, I've gone to Markham once in my life last week to pick up a TV from an asian ware house. The traffic there is a nightmare with so little highways. There are way more hockey fans on the west side of Toronto BY FAR. Do you people ever get out of your house?
York Region, where Markham is located, has more than 1 million people -- and it is growing rapidly. That's significantly more than Hamilton.

If your argument is based on some race-based generalization, I can assuage your concern and let you know that there are more white people in York Region than Hamilton. This doesn't even get to the fact that hockey in major Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver is like football in the US in the sense that it has fans that cut across different demographics.

In addition to that, it is much closer to Toronto.

I would want a team in Markham. If there had to be another team, I'd put one in Mississauga. If it had to be outside of the GTA, I'd wait a while and allow the Kitchener-Waterloo area to continue growing rapidly. Then, I'd put a team there. K-W has excellent schools, a strong creative economy, high-end tech jobs, rapid growth, etc. Basically, it's not a rapidly declining rust belt relic of a foregone civilization (i.e., Hamilton).

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