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11-08-2012, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
The facts are simple and true:

Fedorov was considered the Best player in the World in 1993-94 and won the Hart Trophy (Individual Gold) and Lindsay and Selke (No other player in history of the earth has done that in a single season)

(Lemieux had a 63 goals and a 138 Points in a 82 game average (Lemieux has NEVER played an 80 game season) when he was healthy enough to play - wouldn't have won the Rocket Awardthat season and maybe Art Ross (50/50 or less)

Fedorov was the Best in 1994 and Wayne Gretzky & Steve Yzerman has said they believe Fedorov "is the most talented player they've ever seen". From the Best of the Best.

Fedorov played as a defenseman to shut down guys like Forsberg and Gretzky when he was in his prime. Fedorov also led the NHL is plus/minus in the 1990's with 221+, talk about Legendary.

Guys like Steve Yzerman have also said Fedorov is the best skater they've ever seen and also the among the fastest, if not the fastest (especially Big ice)

He won the hardest shot comparison and is also considered one of the greatest playoff performers in NHL history.

He also has the single season NHL record of $28 million payed in a 6 month span where he lead the playoffs in goals in '98 and to the Stanley Cup second in a row.

Oh yeah can anyone refute the fact Fedorov beat Jagr and Forsberg in Best on Best Olympics points per a game and Canada Cup/World points per a game and goals per a game, all this while playing as an Soviet style Defensive Center - Looks like when the competition was Best on Best, Fedorov was better

Canada just dislikes Russians to the max (except Wayne Gretzky who is of part Russian and Belarusian descent ("White Russia") lol
Lots of really good points in the bulk of the post, but dude, as for the bolded part, don't go there. I'm a Nova Scotia-born holder of a Canadian passport, and one of Fedorov's biggest supporters here.

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