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11-08-2012, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
First of all, list as many examples as you can think of, and see how close we get to 100.

Second of all, Gretzky had a long career that included many international opponents as well. Postgame/series media statements wouldn't be directly applicable anyway, but even still it allows for the logical possibility that a better player could come by multiple times over 20+ years, and if anyone is going to be on record saying something about it, it's going to be the guy that the media is trying to talk to the most.

And lastly, is this really the tangent from all that you replied to that we should explore? Sweet drive by, dude?
The point is you're cherry picking a quote from a guy who has a different name to give every time he's asked who the best player he ever played against was. Why should you give any more credence to Gretzky saying "Federov" than you would any of the many others he's said over time? Other than the fact that you're biased in favor of Federov that is? If you're going to use anecdotal statements as evidence you should at very least be sure the source of that anecdotal statement hasn't made statements that contradict the statement you're cherry picking.

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