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11-08-2012, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by phonyphreak View Post
Well for one there's your first mistake. Sherritt is the reason why Davis was not re-signed. Many people thought this was the worst move possible and a bad decision. Well, Sherritt ( in his 2nd year, first as a starter) is better than Davis.

So Bighill posts up 104 tackles, but its all about him being a beast, while Sherritt was just a product of a bad Oline ? BigHill was the first person to make contact lots of times, hence the 104 tackles. Same for Sherritt. Its not every tackle is made via a running play, numerous tackles where made when they tackles a receiver. Its the life of a LB, if the line lets the go by its his job to stop them. By your theory if Bighill was an Eskimo, he would have got 230 tackles.

Either your a massive BC /Bighill fan, or you're still mad Sherritt took Davis' spot.
I'm a big Sherrit fan, but this doesn't preclude me from seeing his current limitations that he himself would agree with.

Do you doubt that BC has fielded a much better D line than the Eskimos and that this hasn't been a statistical truth? Please show your work if you do doubt it.

The Esks have been the worst run D most of the year. What this means is that a considerable portion of tackles are happening in the backfield, and less, at the line. Again CFL keeps stats on this that would back up my supposition. BC has multiple other players that gobble up tackles before Bighill can or should get in range. Conversely due to the absolute depletion here Sherrit has been able to play free reign more. While he states he doesn't go hunting specifically for tackles his on field play this year has said other things.

I expect he will improve and mature. Pretty incredible player. Not sure why you think I was saying anything other.

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