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11-08-2012, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
Do we know what the terms of amnesty buyouts would be?
No, we can't. That's going to be part of the negotiations. But it does sound (where sound = complete speculation by editorial writers who have as much access to the recent negotiating marathon as we do - but more access to at least crossing paths and shouting questions in the general directions of some people associated with it, perhaps) that the amnesty buyout parameters are part of the latest discussions.

Probably it will end up being a combination of things... gradual reduction to 50%, not immediate, some form of "make whole" payments that live outside the cap, and an amnesty buyout window just before the resumption of play.

To speculate further on the amnesty buyout terms... well, the PA isn't going to want guys thrown out on the street with nothing. Probably the bare minimum they'd accept would be conditions similar to the existing 2/3rds buyout (1/3rd for younger players)... just with a new window popping up immediately on signing the CBA and lasting for some few days whilst teams get themselves cap compliant to start a new season and new CBA. Maybe they would fight for a 100% buyout instead, though. But all with the agreement that none of the amnesty buyout money sticks on the cap.

Some owners will not want/cannot afford to pay the buyout money, of course. Some can. They were going to have to pay those players anyway, however. And the poorer/less able teams are presumably also not stuck right up against the salary cap atm, so any lowering of it may not force their hand.

Here's hoping for a solid amnesty buyout option that lets us divest ourselves of Gomez. I can't see them making such immediate changes to the cap - or having no other avenues for cap relief - that we have to look beyond that and consider any others for buyout in addition (e.g. Bourque, Kaberle).

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