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Dojji is just pulling the frogs' leg. Anyone with half a brain knows Quebec would be a much better "hockey" market than Houston. The situation of TB, Florida, Phoenix, Atl and others is proof enough that hockey in big markets isn't enough to make things work, you need actual hockey fans.

The reason why the Nordiques left 17years ago was there was no corporate booths, a small and dated venue, no support from either the Province or city officials, no HRR sharing and a ,70can$. The market per say never was the problem. And if any of those things would have been otherwise, the team would probably still be there.

17 years later, the 100 corporate booths in the now building new arena are all pre-sold, support is huge from both sides of the parliament, the city mayor is all-in, there is HRR sharing and the dollar is at 1$.

Cherry on the cake is PKP. He has the money and contacts to make this all work.

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