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11-08-2012, 12:52 PM
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Im not one for pass more than shoot or shoot more than pass, its about being a smart hockey player and being overall good at everything so your ready for any situation and making the right call when the situation happens buttttt

If your not good at something than you must practice... repetition is key.

Static drills
Drills where you stand stationary and aim for a target through passes. Try a few times with a forehand, then backhand, saucer. Do it enough times for long enough and u will see improvement.

But dont just sit there
Also work on your dynamics. Move forward, sideways, on the left side, on the right side, backwards, during a turn toward or away from your target.

Do both for targets that dont move and then move onto ones that do move...

Practice receiving a pass and then dishing one back. Practice receiving a pass from one player or one source and then sending it to another target.

As you can see my point is to repeat and repeat and challenge yourself. If you cant be on ice for it, go on roller blade. Do both! And add in some drills on your feet.

Remember to work on all forms of passing and remember to challenge your body so its always being tested. Failure will happen, keep it up until you pass.

Have fun with it tho...

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