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As most people have pointed out the majority of players in the team would have mostly Swedish players, here's what Sweden-Finland's current Olympic squad could look like:


D. Sedin - H. Sedin - L. Eriksson
H. Zetterberg - V. Filppula - J. Franzen (Red Wings Chemistry ;D).
N. Backstrom - M. Koivu - T. Selanne
P. Hornqvist - T. Ruutu - D. Alfredson

There really wouldn't be "1st" "2nd", "3rd" or "4th" line when talking about offence, well yeah the 1st line is best at scoring but i wouldn't say that the 4th liners would just dump the puck all the time.

But i'd say that this would be a beast on special play's, i dunno that much about Eriksson but on PP i would put Selanne on the first line, and maybe keep the "Detroit line" just like that to be 2nd PP team, penalty kill wouldn't be a problem either.

E. Karlsson - N. Kronwall
J. Pitkanen - K. Timonen
M. Ohlund - S. Salo (I think they used to played together in Canucks too?)


1. H. Lundqvist/ P. Rinne
2. H. Lundqvist/ P. Rinne
3. Tuukka Rask/ Petri Vehanen/ M. Kiprusoff... (Doesn't really matter imo, when you got 2 of the best goalies in the world, the only problem is, which one is the starter, Lunqvist or Rinne?)

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