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4 years old when i started skating. 5 years old when i started hockey lessons. 6 when i started house league.

I was big, I was athletic, I was strong on my feet and had good vision so i was an average player but a below avg skater.

It was not until i hit 13 years old and went to a summer camp that i become an average skater. Didnt even realize i improved so much until next years house league camp.

Started Varsity hockey at 14 but barely played but the practices were great. Went from playing 1 or 2x a week to 3-4x a week just cuz i put myself on the ice more. I really had more of a passion at this age, plus tho i dont blame them it was them who didnt know much about the sport and did their best but i could of used more ice time lol.

At 16 I started to go to Power Skating lessons... anyone heard of Barbara (Long Island new york). One hell of a trainer ill tell ya that lol. She use to train pros and was an olympic figure skater. AnYWAYY her lessons once a week was exactly what I needed. After a year of that i saw real improvement but i quit cuz i wanted to hang out after school and not travel an hour for 15 minute lessons lol after 8 hours of school. I was lazy. But because of that time i really saw more improvement.

I got some real minutes but hardly any lol. I was finally a regular on the bench but they switched me to defense for w.e odd reason and that took some time to get use to. That was good practice tho for back skating. At 17 and 18 I finally became a starter and top point leader in the high school leagues.

At 17 I started to play more open hockey... small rinks were my favorite at the time. Now its more expensive for the small rink by me and too many people go but back then i really improved all around game in those small rinks

So to your question, the hockey lessons at 5 got me the basics and i was okay. The camp at 13 really brought me back to being average for my level and age and in many areas made me better than some guys. At 16, power skating lessons really brought me to a better time but it was the constant ice time on open hockey that has made me into a pretty dam good skater.

I am not a pure skater, i cant skate with flow and beauty lol but i am versatile and well balanced. My advice to you to get better at skating... go out there and DO IT

Public sessions. Go skate. Skate for one full hour or 30 minutes with break. W.e... jus do it! Do turns, do stops... dont worry about falling. Just have fun

Go to open hockey and just play with the puck...

Watch the movie pond hockey and ull see what the pros say and ull get what im getting at... Simply put, just keep doing it, challenge yourself and have fun

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