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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
People are overrating that stability. Quebec is still a small market and would be one of the smallest in the league. By definition, small markets are not stable. Also by definition, if the Quebec market was stable, the team would not have been in danger of relocation.

If the league shifts as Bettman hopes and predicts it will, and is working towards it becoming, from a gate driven league to a media revenue driven one, Quebec is at a disadvantage almost immediately. They'll fill their barn but if gate receipts are only 30% or so of actual team revenue, the relatively small size of the Quebec market will hamstring any effort by the new Nordiques team to be relevant in any way other than attendance.

In short: Every small market team or fan who wants an expansion into a small market wants to pretend they can be Green Bay, but frankly, that fails far more often than it works. There's a much greater risk of floppage in the Quebec market over the long term than Canadians want to admit. Especially as media revenue becomes an increasingly large piece of the HRR pie. Trying to pretend that the Quebec City media market can keep up with Boston, New York or Toronto is an exercise in delusion.
I would like an explanation on the bolded.

Also, the media revenue argument seems fundamentally flawed to me.

Firstly, albeit (probably) differently, the hockey market size still applies, it doesn't become solely a question of population all of a sudden. That is part of the reason why I think the quote in italic is flawed: Hockey media market isn't media market. However, the biggest flaw I would see with that argument is the comparison, I don't know anyone that expects Quebec to bring more revenue than those big cities, nor did I hear anyone that believes Quebec should have as much revenue as those to deserve entering the league.

Secondly, you are seriously underevaluating the size of both Quebecor and the rest of the province that would follow a Quebec's city team.

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