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11-08-2012, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Bunk Moreland View Post
I don't know how true it is cause its just the rumor going around that we won't be getting power back here in East Rockaway/Oceanside until possibly around thanksgiving which is insane.

Get this BS LIPA actually called my house today, we have a land line with cable back up and running, to make sure we got our bill and that it wasn't lost in the storm or the hassle afterwards and they're just calling to remind people.. even though our account is up to date they're calling to get money are they for real?! I thought my girl friend was going to punch the guy thru the phone.
Are you serious? How didn't you lose it? If that was me I would have gone to LIPA headquarters with a bat and just start smashing ****. Pay your bill? **** that! They should be paying YOU for the inconvenience plus all the food you had to throw away. Bill?!?! Those ******** should be sending out CHECKS!!!!

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