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Originally Posted by Sthabs
well here s how i see it
first sabres are a very fast team and not many Ds can handle them, the problem is IMO, the attack, the forwards dont help their Ds enough and i thing it s a huge part of the problem, Ds have a lot of problem getting the puck out because of that.
I mean when i watch other team s playing it s seems so easy for them to get out of the Defensive zone and get in the attack, for us 1 time out of 2 or maybe 3 the first pass won t reach it s destination, and probably 3 times out of 5 the 2nd pass wont neither. And then it s either a turnover which the sabres are good at because they re fast and all rush at the same time and take risks, or u have to start all over again from behind the goalie...
Also, how many F do we have that block shots? Begin. murray(he s paid for it) and downey maybe??that s pretty much it....look at the Sabres....
but when this teams wants to play like a real team, they do it good. but it just doesn t happen often....

And i agree very much with you on the fact that when the puck s down low, we suck hard...
Very good post. This is the classic argument though. Who is to blame? Is it the forwards who do not come back to give the defense an outlet? Is it the defense who cannot move the puck that make the forwards give up in transition? Is it the coach who has installed a poor system?

If you look at a guy like Numinen in Buffalo. He is essentially the same player, effectively moving the puck like he always has (and he's been on some very bad teams).

Or, McKee. Is McKee really better than Rivet or Souray? Or is it because he gets a LOT of help from his forwards? Would he turn the puck over on our team?

Or is Buffalo better than us on D because they have guys who move the puck fairly well with few mistakes: Numinen, Campbell, Tallinder, Lydman.

Combined with solid coverage down low.

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