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11-08-2012, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Twine Seeking Missle View Post
Are you serious? How didn't you lose it? If that was me I would have gone to LIPA headquarters with a bat and just start smashing ****. Pay your bill? **** that! They should be paying YOU for the inconvenience plus all the food you had to throw away. Bill?!?! Those ******** should be sending out CHECKS!!!!
If I wasn't sitting here listening to her flip out I wouldn't have believed they actually had the audacity to call about anything other than updating us on progress, which is something else that pisses me off.. I understand we got wiped out over here with all the water I knew it'd take a while but this is insane. Haven't heard one thing from them, if they came out and just said we are screwed ok I can take that just be honest and give us the has news instead of leaving us in the dark... no pun intended..

Newsday just tweeted that Nassau and Suffolk will impose odd/even gas rationing.. Not sure how that will affect people who have been filling jugs tho.

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