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11-08-2012, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Avs44 View Post
Your not addressing it because you know your wrong. Please,
show me the comments, with a link, where Avs fans said those things you quoted.

Yes, I know Datsyuk was injured, but I'm sorry, trying to use ice time to prove who is a #1 center is beyond ridiculous. Tell me, how
many Avs games did you watch this year? Only the ones against the wings? It's a bit pathetic your trying to pretend to know more about our team than every Avs

McGinn played 61 games with the
Sharks the season he was traded. If your referring to the previous All players have to make the jump at some point. How does that take away from him??
Edit: your saying I have poor reading comprehension?? I barely mentioned McGinn. I never even said he was better than MacArthur, I mentioned 5 others. Wow... YOU should not be talking about reading comprehension.

I used which goes far more in depth, and from my past experience, more accurate than
It makes no sense to argue a difference of opinon. HF is hard headed enough that opinions rarely change, it just becomes a pissing contest. I'd prefer to debate tangible evidence.

The wonderful thing about Rogers sports package, is that it allows fans to have their selection of out of market games. I've watched numerous Avs games over the past few years, I couldn't even put a number on it. I played jr against Chris Stewart, I'm a big Matt Duchene fan (although I'm able to be realistic about his current status) and I was very interested to see how Landeskog played in the bigs.

O'Reilly seemed to always get the knod in critical situations, and the statistics back that up. The Avs didn't really have a 1, 2, 3 per say, it seemed to be more by committee. Of that committee, O'Reilly saw the most icetime.

And you're right, you didn't mention McGinn, I was speaking to the overall consensus that seems to be shared by Avs fans in this, and other threads. My apology for taking opinions as a whole, rather then individually.

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