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Originally Posted by Nash View Post
He is easily the best player that ever donned our team's jersey. How he was treated by the team and how he in turn ended up holding out and demanding a trade is more a product of the Canuck's management than a reflection on him. Not every athlete is gifted with the social skills and Pavel barely spoke English when he came here. Everything about him was focus and determination to be the best hockey player. As he was a private person, he never did many interviews, he was pretty tight lipped about his treatment here and his reasons for wanting to leave, and he tried to take the high road of silence on the way out. The only side of the story published at that time was what the Canucks brass leaked to the press. Fans were devastated at the time and he was crucified by public opinion. Even as the actual facts on what happened came to light years later, it is nearly impossible to sway how people feel about Bure. It's too entrenched. In a sworn affidavit, Quinn was forced to admit that Bure never attempted to hold the Canucks hostage during the 94 cup run for a better contract. People still believe he did. Speaking of that cup run, Bure was Conn Smythe worthy. That's certainly not something you would ever associate Captain Choke with.
Agreed 100%. I've never had a problem with Pavel's decisions or his character, personally-- in fact I admired that he stood up to our god-awful management team at the time. Off-ice contributions are nice, but I flat out admire Bure's determination more than Naslund's. On top of that, contrary to anti-Russian, pro-Swedish bias, he was always a significantly more well-rounded player than Naslund while also being a significantly bigger game-breaker.

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