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11-08-2012, 02:41 PM
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With the suspensions so far this year being so varied depending on the incident it's got me thinking that OHL Suspensions are being decided based upon more than what most people think. The obvious things that the OHL looks at include:

Head Contact: Did the player make contact with the victims head?
Intentional: Was the contact intentional
Could it have been avoided?
Injury on the play: Was there an injury on the play
Previous Offender? Has the player been involved in separate incidents?
Did the player leave his feet?
Was there a penalty on the play?

I look at Pedan on Guelph and he only received 4 games for kicking somebody. Then I look at Buonomo who received 15 games for his hit. Then I look at Pezzetta on Owen Sound who did not receive a suspension for his knee on Spits C Michael Clarke.

I think the league is looking at two more things when deciding upon suspension:

League Experience: How long as the player been in the league? Ex. Buonomo (SSM) knows by now what is acceptable and what isn't. Where as a rookie Ex. Pezzetta (OS) might get more of a 2nd chance.

What teams/players generate the league money: Sure you can see somebody like Buonomo suspended 15 games because he doesn't draw a crown and the team doesn't make that much money for the OHL anyway. You are not going to see the league and down a huge suspension to Connor McDavid because he generates a crowd and your not going to see a huge suspension to Max Domi because his team generates money for the OHL.

I'm not happy with the inconsistencies with the OHL's Disciplinary Action.
The Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds currently have 5 Suspensions totaling 39 games.
The REST OF THE OHL currently has totaling 7 suspensions totaling 36 games

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