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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Great article, thanks for posting it! Averaging around 300 km per day of driving, plus always sleeping in hotels must be tough. Still, it would be cool to catch so much hockey for a living. Certainly a better job than being a trucker.

Out of curiosity, what's the general schedule like for a pro scout? Is at a 7 day trip, then 3 days off? A two week trip, then a week off? Just curious on the ratio of travel to down time, I imagine you can't be on the road constantly or you'd burn out.
It is always nice after a trip to sleep in your own bed. Eating out all the time I find is tougher. You'd think it would be great, and it was at first, but after a while it gets to be too much and you'd much rather a nice home cooked meal over another TGI Fridays.

For an NHL scout the schedule differs based on the time of year. If there's a tournament, they could be away from home and at the rink for long stretches of time. On a regular schedule from what I understand with those I have talked to, usually 6 to 7 days a week they're at a game and sometimes they'll go long stretches of consecutive days in their own area. For OHL scouts Thursday-Sunday is a regular schedule. Sometimes theres games Monday-Wednesday and even when there isn't there's stuff like OJHL and other leagues that can sometimes be useful to watch. Ones in SW Ontario can also utilize the USHL fairly easily. They also cross over to different leagues later on in the season so they will spend time in a different area of the country or continent. The biggest relief is when they can go to games close to where they're living. It becomes more like working a 4-5 hour shift rather than a couple hours driving, at the game, then a couple hours home. It's very physically demanding.

For an Independent like myself, I live in Sarnia, so I look at Sarnia/London's schedule and try to base my travels around that. After that I'm usually looking at the US Development program, Muskegon, Kitchener, Guelph, and you get the point. Tournaments and cross overs for us are similar to what the NHL scouts go through. But our schedule as a whole is a little less demanding. Which is pretty amazing, cause our schedule is pretty intense sometimes and NHL guys certainly go through more than we do.

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