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11-08-2012, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
Slightly OT but do you guys think Theo Fleury deserves to get in? I think the hall of fame requirements are too stringent, even Lindros isn't in there. Fleury was one of the best players of the 90s for sure and also probably the best undersized player in the modern era. I remember slightly seeing him when he played with us (and played well) and how he looked like an elite fwd. And if a guy like that can't get in then it's sad to think that a guy like Hejduk won't get in despite having twelve 20 goal+ seasons and will probably eclipse the 800 pts mark despite playing in the dead puck era and dead puck era 2.0. Also won a Richard, Olympic Gold, and Stanley Cup for those who look at hardware. I mean Hejduk has to be one of the "famous" players from the past decade and if Fleury won't make it then what hope does the Duke have. Same goes for Adam Foote, had to have been one of the best defensive dmen between the mid 90s/2000s and he for sure won't get in. Scott Stevens is the only defensive dman (became one around the mid 90s) I can think who was equal or better to Foote at that.

Btw funny pic I found of Fleury, Paul Kariya wasn't exactly tall so this is interesting:

As far as Lindros goes, he alienated a lot of people during his NHL career. There was so much hype to begin with and he didn't even end up being better than ONE of the guys he was traded for. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know...if it wasn't for the injuries...blah,blah,blah. Well, how about this, I blew out my knee at age 12 and if it wasn't for that, I would have doubled all of Gretzky's records. Bottom line is, those injuries DID happen and Lindros wasn't "The Next One" he was just "Another One" and no, he doesn't deserve to get in. Zero cups. One Hart trophy during a shortened season, one appearance in finals where they got swept. Nothing to write home about.

Do you ALSO remember when Fleury was part of the Avs and couldn't make it to GAME #6 (iirc) versus Dallas in the Western Conference Finals due to *ahem* personal problems? It's no wonder they let him sign elsewhere and right at that time, his career started going down the toilet. The Avs would have been WAYYYY better off having kept Regehr and not traded him off for Fleury as a rental but I guess they couldn't have known what was going to happen.

IF Fleury had stayed clean from being traded all the way to the end of his career, he would have been a no-brainer for the hall of fame since he would have probably an extra 300 points to add to his totals.

I think he eventually does get in at some point, Lindros probably will too, not that he'd get my vote, I still hate that jagoff.

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