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Throwing Scruggs under the bus... Lame Duck member blah blah blah... Clarkonomics... Glendale Republic coverage is bias

Risk Mgt situation is Scruggs card up her sleeve, as is hers (Clark)

Said she (Clark) has "in detail" descriptions of Agreement (thought they never had "clarity" before - must have gotten it yesterday)

Said some members want to put off vote on Coyotes till after January

You Canadian media members are "Trolls", rumor mongers, all in effort to get Coyotes to move to Canada

Emphasis mine - The Pro Coyote members are hell bent to cram this thru Nov 27th folks. They are even leaning on Skeete (she even said as much)

Says GJ is confident in is deal, Nov 20th will be the full reveal of the details to satisfy the week before vote procedure

Wants League to create a payment plan for them and confirmed the 2nd $25M is still in escrow

I'll clean this up once they punch up the podcast

Edit: - Guess I won't be. Or at least anytime soon. The stations podcasts library is really behind and even the link to these guys show podcasts you get a 404 Error. Geez....

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